Clean Water Projects

Pakistan is the sixth-largest country by population. The urban population is growing very fast, one of the main reasons for this is the lack of access to life facilities in the villages. While the urban population is growing rapidly, there are also a variety of problems that arise, one of the major problems being the availability of clean water.

Where water is a great blessing for life, polluted water is one of the biggest problems of life. Thousands of people visit hospitals every day to drink contaminated water. A large number of them are infants.

B4U Foundation has been fighting for years against polluted water in Pakistan and installed 2500+ clean water plants around Pakistan. We at B4U Foundation convinced that where clean water is the secret of a healthy life, it can be a big reason for the poor people in Pakistan to stand in Pakistan’s development. Where Pakistan is speeding up its development, the basic reason for the lack of proper water supply in the absence of proper attention.

The B4U Foundation has so far installed more than 2,500+ clean water plants throughout Pakistan, especially in natural disaster areas like Thar.

Join B4U Foundation in this sacred cause and donate your funds for those who are waiting for help.