Deaf Support


B4U Foundation deaf support program has been of particular importance since the year 2016. Only ten percent of every two million Deaf children are in educational institutions. The purpose of our organization is to help all children who are left behind in the educational field. We at B4U Foundation, challenge the fact that a deaf child is not disabled and can be as intelligent as all children of their age who can hear. We believe that these children are just as intelligent as a normal child.

For the past few years, the organization has been creating facilities for the Deaf community that allow these children to communicate with their parents and teachers. We are providing opportunities for the Deaf community to move forward through moral and financial support.

Our Vision
All such children have to be provided with appropriate facilities where they can recognize their rights and be as effective in the development of the country as other normal children are.

Our goal is to have a sound educational system where these children can easily get advanced education.

B4U Foundation request the donors to donate their funds and help the organization to save the future of this country by helping such kids. Donate your funds in any B4U Foundation bank account.