Water Shortage

Water scarcity has become a tragedy all over Pakistan. Few years ago, water scarcity was observed only in remote areas of the city or in populated areas of the city. However, now the water shortage is increasing rapidly throughout Pakistan. It is estimated that one out of every five areas suffer from water scarcity.

B4U Foundation is ready to meet water shortage in Pakistan at all times. The company has so far established more than 2500+ water plants all over Pakistan, with the sole purpose of providing clean drinking water wherever the water supply can be made. The company has planted most water plants in Thar. For the people of Thar where the only source of water is rain. So far, more than 2,500 water plants have been installed in Thar alone.

All our efforts will be in vain if people like you who are gentle and loving are not with us. Wherever your donations help us, we have the aim of helping poor and people like you make it real. Submit your donations to any of our accounts and join us on this journey of humanity.