Where We Work

B4U Foundation raises people’s support in 2018, people’s donations greatly helped the organization, today the organization is helping people all over Pakistan.

Thanks to the people, the B4U Foundation is currently operating in different areas of Pakistan. In these areas, the following areas require our regular attention:

Tharparker Sindh

Thar Parker is the largest district by area of 29 districts of Sindh. According to Pakistan’s Multidimensional Poverty Index, 87% of Thar’s population lives below the poverty line. The biggest problem in this area is malnutrition and water shortage. B4U Foundation has been battling hunger and malnutrition in Thar for the past year.


People in the Quetta suffer the poverty most. It is estimated that the proportion of poverty in Quetta is 46%. Innocent children are unable to develop properly due to lack of proper and healthy diet, which causes many children to die of obesity at a very young age.


60.78% share of Pakistan’s is rural. People in all the areas that are close to the city can easily visit the city hospital and other necessities for life. However, access to cities is not possible for people in remote rural areas. In such areas, it is very important to have all the facilities of life in need. B4U Foundation remains committed to working for the greater good of humanity in remote areas of the city.